Kellys Vegies Meat Offer May 2012



To celebrate the start of the BBQ season, order any 2 steaks, burgers or sausage packs and we’ll add a free punnet of strawberries to your fruit box.

Choose from our great selection of free range meat by signing up here:

For existing customer, please log in here:

7 thoughts on “Kellys Vegies Meat Offer May 2012

  1. I’ve been buying my meat from Kellys Vegies for 4 months now. You can tell the different in taste straightaway

  2. Kelly’s vegies never let me down. Box arrives on schedule every time with quality, fresh and tasty produce inside. I’m also getting the meat box too. Free’s up my time and its just fun never knowing quite what you’re going to get each time.

  3. Im always suprised at the availability of meat. ive tried stuff that i wouldnt have normally tried. Cant wait for my next delivery day!!

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