Kelly Wheeler, Owner of Kellys Vegies

Kelly Wheeler

Kellys Vegies Ltd dispatched its first fruit and vegetable home delivery boxes from the conservatory in Kelly’s family garden in September 2006. The Maidenhead, Berkshire, company has long outgrown the conservatory and now operates out of a 30,000 sq ft warehouse in Maidenhead. Over this period of six years, the Company has grown from a sole owner-worker business delivering 10 boxes a week to a company with a staff of 14 that delivers around 750 boxes each week, a quantity that adds up to 40,000 boxes of produce each year. Kellys Vegies has thousands of happy customers across an area that covers London, Maidenhead and points in between.

Kellys Vegies has also grown the range of products it brings to its customers’ door – as well as quality local fruit and veg, the company’s home delivery box scheme now also offers free-range meat in chilled packaging, hand-baked pies, home-made soups, bread, dairy products, cakes and fruit juices.

Kellys Vegies delivers its boxes overnight, with delivery to our customers’ doorsteps guaranteed by 4:00 a.m. Great news for people who are away from home all day as they can take their produce indoors first thing in the morning before rushing off to work or to do the school run. Unfortunately, it does mean that we may have to turn away people living in blocks of flats if we can’t get access during the night.

Kellys Vegies offers seasonal farm-fresh fruit and vegetables from local farmers and smallholdings. The produce is NOT organic, but as local farmers tend to keep their use of chemicals to a minimum – most are simply too small to get approvals to use the ‘strong stuff’. At Kellys Vegies, we believe that it is important to support local agriculture and to reduce “food miles” so we opt to bring local non-organic rather than organic produce over greater distances. It’s good for the environment and for keeping costs down – savings that we pass on to our customers. We are told how much fresher and nicer the produce in our weekly boxex is compared to long-distance, much handled produce they see on their supermarket shelves.

We commit to providing our customers a wide variety of fresh, quality produce that gives good value for money and has a decent shelf life.

Kellys Vegies offers three different box sizes. The menu of items changes each week depending on what our growers are harvesting. We publish the weekly menus on our website, but do allow for an element of surprise as our customers tell us how much they enjoy delving into their boxes to see what they are getting and to plan their menus around the season’s best.

We don’t believe in squeezing our growers to accept unfair prices and feel sure that our customers understand the importance of keeping local agriculture viable. We do keep our prices down wherever we can. For example, we are so local that we can – and do – deliver our produce free to your doorstep.

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